Reference to project Hamer facility service <small>Website & CMS</small>

100% completed

Category: Web Design

Client: Hamer Karlsruhe e.K. & Hamer Rhein-Neckar GmbH

Year: 2016

Tags: Webdesign, References

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Project description

When it was decided that Hamer Gebäudeservice would open a new location in Mannheim, the homepage was also renewed. The old website had fulfilled its duty with its almost 20 years and was replaced by a clever solution, which now maps both the Karlsruhe and Mannheim locations. The charming thing is that content (texts and images) can be maintained separate for both locations as well as for both locations together via a content management system (CMS). Thus the handling remains extremely comfortable, common contents do not have to be created and maintained twice and the website is still accessible under one domain.