Short & sweet

From radio spots, waiting melodies or announcements for telephone systems to elevator sounds and jingles, there are a wide range of application examples for sound productions. For example, the aim of a logo melody is to leave a "catchy tune" with the listener (think of the largest German telecommunications company), while a radio commercial usually specifically advertises a company, a service or a product.


In-house production or studio quality?

These days there are many ways to record and edit sound files on your home PC or even on your smartphone. Quality has also improved increasingly in this area in recent years.
Yet the built-in smartphone microphone is no substitute for a highly sensitive studio microphone. Just as the sound file produced in this way is no comparison to a recording made via a special "interface".
Therefore, we always record the required audio tracks in our own recording studio or produce them according to customer requirements. In addition to sound engineers and music producers, we have a large pool of well-known speakers from cinema, radio and television.

Hear you again? With pleasure!

Do you know the phenomenon that you absolutely like a commercial while your partner or friend feels the opposite? Melody, tonality, voice color, beat, volume, speed... All these are factors that in a composition should make the listener positive and "receptive" to the message you convey. As is well known, the sound makes the music and thus decides just as much whether you win the listener over as the content itself. Both consciously and subconsciously.

Therefore: engage a professional

In addition to the most modern equipment and the necessary technical knowledge, the sound producers of Webmedia also have many years of experience and are very familiar with these "psychological aspects" in order to reach your desired target group. Don't leave it to chance how much popularity your - often cost-intensive - radio advertising receives or how "relaxed" a caller is after waiting in your telephone waiting line for a few minutes.

No empty promises

Many make promises... Find out through real customer opinions that Webmedia 2.0 - the advertising agency from Karlsruhe is one of those providers who also hold them.

Feel free to ask

If we have aroused your interest or if you have already considered switching a radio spot or having a logo or waiting melody suitable for your company produced, please feel free to contact us. We would be pleased to provide you with our wealth of experience and full commitment without obligation.