Short & sweet

Even on devices with mobile Internet access, videos are part of everyday life. Whether sent via messenger, integrated on websites or published via streaming services such as YouTube® - the "moving image" is widely accepted everywhere. Why this is like it is, is self-evident: the viewer is presented with the information in a manageable period of time and in an understandable format. This high acceptance by the public automatically results in a high potential for you and your company. Are you already profiting from this?


The trend continues

What was explained in pages of text years ago is now taken over by a one-minute video. This is why companies with an ever-increasing number are choosing to follow this catchy path of company or product advertising. The challenge is no longer "just" to produce a good video, but one that stands out from the crowd and does not sink between the videos and offers of competitors.

Structured stringent or crazy creative?

These and many other questions have to be clarified in advance before a script with coherent content, detailed timeline and adequate length is created. The goal of the video can be as different as the target group itself.
If the sequences and contents are clear, it's already "Action!" and you may be standing in front of the camera yourself or looking over the shoulder of our illustrators while they are animating. At this point it became clear to everyone how complex such a video production can be, but also how much fun it is when every move fits.

Good content deserves a good video

Are you convinced of your company, your product or your service? Then show your viewers why. Show what sets you apart from other providers. Show why your product deserves special attention and show what makes your service exceptional. You will notice: the interest of potential customers is increasing.

No empty promises

Many make promises... Find out through real customer opinions that Webmedia 2.0 - the advertising agency from Karlsruhe is one of those providers who also hold them.

Feel free to ask

If we have aroused your interest or if you have already thought of having a presentation or product video made for you, please feel free to contact us. We would be pleased to provide you with our wealth of experience and full commitment without obligation.