Short & sweet

Who does not know the typical photographer expression "cheeeese"? But what if there's nothing to smile about? Because the object to be photographed is, for example, not a person, but a property or a food plate that is later to appear in a portfolio or a menu? As different as the motif can be, as different can the target groups and uses of the finished prints. In order to have professional recordings "at the end of the day", which take all aspects and thoughts into account, you need professional equipment and above all the necessary experience.


Whether classic or ultra-modern...

in any case, it is clear that there are countless variants and specializations in the field of "photography". Starting with classic portraits and business shots for your own website through special product, food and interior photography to high-resolution aerial shots using drone photography. A broad spectrum that is also becoming increasingly affordable for the average consumer thanks to advancing technology and is delivering acceptable results. all depends on the right view!

Because one thing amateur photographies rarely bring along: a focused view of the essentials. Through years of experience in dealing with people and technology, a specialized photographer achieves a high degree of "efficiency". It is precisely this effect that impresses the viewer, makes him feel positive or does not make him forget what he has seen - depending on what reaction is desired. As one of our partners once said: "There is no second chance for a first impression".

And then there's the technology

In addition to the right "technique" to stage the image as desired, it also requires technical equipment and the necessary experience in using the tools to get the most out of your shots. Camera and flash light settings, positioning of reflectors and screens, (remote) control and trained handling of modern and professional processing software are just some of the qualities that ultimately produce extraordinary photos and impressions.

Excerpt of the offered photography areas:

  • Company portrait and company photography
  • Product photography
  • Real estate and architectural photography
  • Event photography
  • Food photography
  • People and manager photography
  • Reportage photography
  • Baby photography
  • Wedding photography
  • Sports photography
  • Macro photography
  • Fireworks and effects photography
  • Drone photography

No empty promises

Many make promises... Find out through real customer opinions that Webmedia 2.0 - the advertising agency from Karlsruhe is one of those providers who also hold them.

Feel free to ask

If we have aroused your interest or if you have already thought about having new, professional photos of your company, your products or real estate taken, please feel free to contact us. We would be pleased to provide you with our wealth of experience and full commitment without obligation.