In the list below, you will find questions which have been asked often by prospects and customers, as well as the corresponding answers. The filter buttons can be used to narrow down the respective topic area. If you have any questions that our list does not answer, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to answer in writing and by phone.

This question is as easy - or difficult - to answer as the question: "What does a car cost?". Prices will vary greatly depending on size, age, performance and equipment. From the small but fine "city car" for around 10,000€ to luxury sports cars for more than 100,000€ - from the small but fine web business card for 1,000€ to the fully equipped online shop for more than 10,000€. Anything is possible. Your requirements are the most important factor in determining the price.

We do not believe in pre-defined "all-inclusive packages", but attach great importance to individuality. Therefore it is essential for us to discuss your wishes and ideas in advance. Only after all requirements have been clearly defined and noted by us, we can prepare an individual, serious and non-binding offer for you.

It costs nothing to ask!
Since initial discussions with Webmedia 2.0 are basically free of charge, you do not take any "risk". Let us advise you and make you a non-binding offer. Only after this meets your expectations and has been confirmed by you, the implementation begins and costs are incurred. All services and costs are listed in the offer so that you always know exactly what you will receive for your money.

FAQ-ID: 64

That depends of course completely on the extent of the project. From simple "web business cards" to "playful" one-pagers and informal company homepages to Internet forums and complex online shops, there are many application examples. The question of the creation or delivery of the content (texts, graphics, etc.) also plays a major role for the completion time. Are they prepared for direct use or do they still have to be created or reworked? The times of completion vary accordingly...

We have already released simpler one-pagers in less than two weeks. Experience has shown that an average project duration of four to eight weeks can be expected for "standard websites" with some sub-pages to introduce the company.
In any case, we will inform you in advance about the estimated time required until completion. If you give us a "deadline", we will make a binding statement as to whether we can meet this deadline.

FAQ-ID: 116

Basically yes!
For this purpose we set up a so-called "CMS" (Content Management System) for you or your company. With this you can adapt and control all contents and functions of your internet presence. If you do not need such a CMS because you rarely have to make changes, you save the one-time setup costs during the creation.
Whether a CMS makes sense for you or your company depends primarily on how often you want / have to change content.

During the initial discussion we will be happy to explain you all the advantages and disadvantages of a CMS and together we will determine the costs for your website with and without a CMS. Interested? Then get in touch with us.

FAQ-ID: 87

With a Content Management System (CMS) owners, administrators or authors of websites can extend, change or remove their content. Offers, news or blog posts can be published at any time. This makes you much more flexible, your content is more up-to-date and costs can be saved.

Whether a CMS makes sense for you or your company depends primarily on how often you want / have to change content. A classic web business card with a short company profile and some contact data will require a CMS less than a website on which new information is published regularly (daily, weekly,...).

Well-known CMSystems are WordPress, Joomla, TYPO3, Drupal, Contao or Shopify and Magento for online shops. We have already implemented or expanded customer projects with all these CMS and know the advantages and disadvantages of the respective system very well.
After years of adaptations and "workarounds" to realize concrete customer wishes in one of the mentioned systems, we have decided to summarize the advantages and implement them in an in-house development. The result is impressive and bears the name "Webmedia-CMS (WCMS)". The biggest advantage for you as a user: our database-supported CMS is individually adapted to your needs and therefore contains only the fields and functions that your company needs. No more "universal input masks", of which 30-60% are usually not used and are therefore unnecessary!

FAQ-ID: 92

If not expressly requested, we create new web projects always in "Responsive Webdesign" (RWD), so that their contents are optimally displayed on all types of devices. At the latest since the probably best-known search engine "Google" differentiates between pages that were created in Responsive Design and those that are still provided with static layout, RWD no longer only offers a better appearance and optimized readability, but also massive advantages in positioning (search engine optimization).

FAQ-ID: 88

Simply put:
The Responsive Web Design (RWD) ensures that your online content (website, online shop, forum, blog) is optimally displayed on the device used (PC, tablet, smartphone, TV). Want a demonstration? Narrow your browser window while you are on this page - or open the same page on your smartphone - and experience the effect live!
Comparison of a website with and without Responsive Design:

WITHOUT Responsive Design
Website without Responsive Design
WITH Responsive Design
Website with Responsive Design

Responsive web design not only optimizes your content, but is also an important component of search engine optimization and thus ensures higher visitor numbers. Since April, 21st 2015, the search engine "Google" is differentiating between pages with and without RWD for search queries and positions websites with optimized content much better in the search results. Further information can be found here.

Google Meldung zu Responsive Deisgn

The question, for which page RWD is suitable, can therefore be answered "across the board": all!​

FAQ-ID: 113

For the sake of comprehensibility, we anticipate the summary in this case and then show how we come to this...


  • If you or your company is represented on the Internet with a website, an online shop or in any other form, search engine optimization makes sense in any case.
  • How far this goes, which package of measures leads to success and which budget must be planned for this depends entirely on your objectives and the range of interesting items or informations for your visitors.
  • Target group identification and individuality are decisive factors.
  • Medium- and long-term measures can sustainably generate more visitors.
  • Caution with all-inclusive offers from dubious "Online SEO agencies"! (Should you end up on such a page, always check the imprint in advance.)

Aim of SEO
The goal of search engine optimization (SEO) is to display your website (website, online shop, forum, etc.) in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. as high up in the list of search results as possible. This increases the number of visitors and the number of your customers / prospective customers usually also increases.

Procedure for SEO
To carry out all the measures and steps of a good SEO in detail would go a little too far. The search engine giant "Google" alone currently lists 204 criteria according to how it indexes Internet pages (places them in the search result list)...
However, in the first step of the SEO these criteria will be checked and prioritized to determine which of them are most relevant for your company. Afterwards, these points will be systematically processed, the external appearance will be polished up, cross-connections will be created and simply everything will be done to ensure that your online offer receives more visitors.

The transformation of search results into visitors
Such an individual package of measures can include both free and paid measures. Chargeable offers such as Google AdWords, Facebook campaigns or banner advertising drastically increase the level of awareness and traffic to your website. In any case, all mechanisms should be specifically geared to your target group in order to achieve the highest possible "conversion rate".

Caution with "guarantees"
This necessary individuality is one of the main reasons why "SEO package offers" circulating on the Internet and via spam mails with promises such as "With us to place #1" cannot achieve the desired success... Would it really be that simple, what prevents our competitors from doing the same and being at the top of the list with us? Webmedia 2.0 does not guarantee a fixed placement. But we guarantee measurably increasing visitor numbers and, conversely, more interest in your online offer.

FAQ-ID: 115

How elevated / on which place your website permanently appear in the the search results depends strongly on how many competitors are active in your segment and what they do to reach and maintain the "upper ranks". In order to answer this question in detail, therefore a (new) analysis of search engine optimization (SEO) would have to be done before.

In fact, you can only stay at the forefront permanently if you take appropriate measures actively and permanently. The SEO analysis - in which also your competitors are considered and compared - shows which measures these are. Here are some examples of actions that can make your online content "look better" for search engines and move it forward:

  • Regular updates of your website (e.g. articles, news, new products, etc.)
  • Open, maintain, update a social network profile (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.)
  • More links and back links (pages to which a link exists and which link back to yours)
  • Use of special "search engine tools" such as Google Analytics, Google AdWords or Google SearchConsole

As an all-round and Internet agency, search engine optimization is part of our core portfolio. If you have any further questions, or would like to have your Internet presence checked and "pushed", we would be happy to help you with words and deeds.

FAQ-ID: 90

Short and sweet: it takes some time.
If you expect quick results, we have to disappoint you... There may be SEO agencies that promise or even "guarantee" such things and much more. They do not have better "tools", but simply specify things that are rarely actually achieved and even rarer in the long term. More detailed information can be found on the Internet.

When the desired result of a search engine optimization - namely the better placement in the search results - actually occurs, depends on many and complex "interwoven" factors. Not least of all, what measures your competitors are taking and how long they have been doing so.

If you are interested in a serious consultation during which we will inform you about all facts and possibilities, please don't hesitate to contact us.

FAQ-ID: 89

In marketing "conversion" basically refers to the conversion of an interested party into a customer. However, this transfer from one status to another can also be defined much more precisely. For example, the goals of a conversion could also be:

  • Conversion of search engine results into visits to your website
  • Conversion of a website visitor into a prospective downloader
  • Converting website visitors into contact requests
  • Converting website visitors into newsletter subscribers
  • Conversion of an interested party into a buyer

Conversion rate
With "conversion tracking" it could be measured how successfully your target group is induced to carry out the action you want. The number of successfully converted visitors and interested parties represents the conversion rate.

FAQ-ID: 91

The first basic requirement is, of course, a technically flawless programming. Furthermore, content, presentation and speed play an important role. Professional search engine optimization ultimately rounds off these "basics".
But no matter how well these conditions are met - if no one knows about your online offer, sales figures will probably continue to be in the lower regions. The more competitors with the same or similar product range you face on the market, the more.

Active advertising for your shop is therefore almost unavoidable. There are numerous possibilities for every budget. However, high investments are not automatically the guarantee for sustainable success. It is usually long-term marketing campaigns and a little perseverance that pay off in the end.

If you plan to open an online shop or "push" your existing shop, please do not hesitate to contact us. We advise you and realize or optimize your online offer according to the latest standards.

FAQ-ID: 122

Yes! We make your content accessible to everyone.

More and more everyday activities are taking place on the Internet. And the group of Internet users is also growing steadily. Today more elderly people and people with disabilities use the Internet than ever before. As a result, barrier-free access to digital content is becoming increasingly important.

But not only people with disabilities benefit from accessibility. Compliance with nromalized standards and a simple and clearly defined structure fundamentally improves compatibility, increases stability, shortens loading times and offers optimal conditions for successful search engine optimization.

Who benefits from barrier-free content:

  • Hearing handicapped or impaired handicapped people
  • Inexperienced visitors
  • Seniors and senior citizens
  • Motor or cognitive handicapped people
  • Users of mobile Internet
  • Search engines

FAQ-ID: 114

If you send us photos or graphics for your website or print job, they should meet certain requirements. The exact specifications always depend on the intended use, but the following requirements apply to the image material:

Digital use (display on screens)
» Website, Online-Flyer, Social-Profiles, Banners, Slideshows, etc.

  • Resolution: at least 72 dpi
  • Size: at least as wide and high as the later display (e.g. 600 x 150 Pixel)
  • if possible without prior application of effects, masks and/or filters

Print products
» Stationery, business cards, flyers, magazines, vehicle lettering, etc.

  • Resolution: at least 150 dpi (better 300 dpi or more)
  • Size: at least as wide and high as the later display (e.g. 21,6 x 27,9 cm for US-Letter full-surface)
  • if possible without prior application of effects, masks and/or filters

FAQ-ID: 117

In short words: All of them.
From the finest laser engravings on noble fountain- and ballpoint-pen sets to full-screen graphics and photo text compositions for trailers of 18 wheelers, we have already designed almost every conceivable size and brought it to countless surfaces. Even exclusive finishes such as embossing, watermarks or special varnishes do not represent an obstacle for us. You tell us what you have in mind for your company and we will create it for you - it can be that simple. :-)

FAQ-ID: 119

This can occur with preview graphics that are either created for digital use only or printed larger than the intended format. As a rule, you will receive preview graphics from Webmedia 2.0 as PDF files in DIN A4 or US-Letter format and with suitable resolution, so that a meaningful printout can always be created.

For most print products it is possible to receive a "proof" or a sample copy in advance. This corresponds 1:1 to the later printed products that you receive.

FAQ-ID: 125

1. The prepress
covers the entire process before the production of your print products. This includes layout creation, text setting, design, preparation, retouching and other image editing.

2. The proof
is the control file or control printout that you receive from us after all design work has been completed. Here you have the possibility to make final corrections of any kind.

3. The print-approval
for printing must be given by you before production can begin and is usually given in writing after acceptance of the proof.

4. The Camera-ready copy
is the file required for production, which is sent directly to the printery. Since the requirements and specifications of the numerous print shops with different focal points and technical equipment vary greatly, we create a new Camera-ready copy before each print job.

FAQ-ID: 118

If you wish, we also use ready-made templates from third party providers (e.g. for the creation of your website). But not in general, because we attach great importance to individuality and recognition values. We believe that a unique design designed especially for you and adapted to your corporate identity is always the best choice...
However, we are well aware that not every application justifies an investment in a highly sophisticated design. Templates are available for almost every taste and budget, whereby the price does not necessarily say anything about the "quality"...

We would be pleased to show you the advantages and disadvantages of both variants and advise you with years of experience in the selection of the suitable procedure.
» How to reach us

FAQ-ID: 112

We ourselves: yes.
However, we maintain best contacts to creative artists and illustrators of very different styles. From advertising draftsmen and children's book illustrators to graffiti artists... We are looking forward to your ideas and would be delighted to assist you with words and deeds as well as our contacts.

FAQ-ID: 111

Corporate Identity (CI)
also known as "Cooperative Identity", describes the unique selling points and recognition features of your company or organization. In other words, the characteristics that distinguish you from other companies.

Corporate Design (CD)
is the "visual identity" of a company or organization. For example in the company logo, on the basis of the work clothes (Corporate Wear), the color scheme or the uniform typeface.

We would be happy to support you in the development of your own CI and the associated CD. The result will be a "codex" that defines all layouts and rules of conduct for the preparation of various documents and representative materials throughout the company.

FAQ-ID: 110

Simply explained:
If you have us create a logo, a graphic, a video, an animation or other media, you or your company will always receive a "simple right of use". This means that you can and may use these media both time- and space-independent. (It may be necessary to mention the author when using the material - e.g. for editorial photos.)

In principle, the copyright remains with the manufacturer or supplier. Therefore, it is not permitted to pass on or duplicate media and files created or provided by us to third parties without prior agreement.

Note from current occasion:
This applies in particular to preview materials that you receive from us during the implementation phase. These are and remain the property of the manufacturer or supplier even after implementation. You receive the right of use exclusively for the "product" (logo, photo, graphic, video, etc.) selected by and contractually provided to you.

Legally binding informations
on this topic you'll find in our General Terms and Conditions (GTC) in §4 "Copyright and right of use".

FAQ-ID: 120

From time to time we are asked what preparations can be made for an upcoming photo shoot. Of course, this depends on the "style" of the shooting, but if you can answer most of the following questions, nothing more stands in the way of successful preparations:

  1. For what purpose are the photos needed?
  2. Where will the pictures be used later?
  3. Which motive(s) should be captured?
  4. In which size are the photos shown later?
  5. Recording format (portrait, landscape, square)?
  6. Desired "look" of the finished photos?
  7. Indoor or Outdoor Shooting?
  8. What "impression" should the recordings leave?
  9. Are there elements that can increase the recognition value of your photos or your company?

Also the question: "Do you employ / arrange make-up artists? The answer is "yes & no"... Normally, our photographers work together with a personal network of make-up artists. Due to the mutual knowledge, the smooth process on site is ensured. However, if you have your own contacts in this area and want to integrate them into the shooting, it is absolutely no problem.

These and other questions and thoughts will always be discussed with you again before a scheduled shooting... If you have any questions on the subject of "photo shooting" or would like to make an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

FAQ-ID: 121


TeamViewer® is a powerful and absolutely secure software for fast and professional remote maintenance. The program enables us to work for you in various scenarios from a distance, thus saving you time and money. In addition, problems can be analyzed and solved much faster than if an appointment had to be made on site beforehand.

Scenario 1: spontaneous access with authentication dialog
Our customers can download the "Webmedia 2.0 QuickSupport" (grey download button in the footer) for this variant. If this is started, we receive a "service request" and can - after the access has been authorised again by mouse click - connect to the PC and work on the problem or the task together with our customers.

Scenario 2: Permanent access via VPN channel
This variant is usually used on customer servers and allows us to maintain computers, even if no one is present and explicitly authorizes access. The download of the "Webmedia 2.0 Host-Client" can also be found in the footer - blue download button.

FAQ-ID: 106

If you are a customer in the "EDP & IT" area of Webmedia 2.0, we maintain your hardware and software in our inventory system so that all data is managed centrally. You will receive this data as a clearly structured PDF file as soon as the data is complete or changes.
This also includes all serial numbers, license and product keys of products purchased via Webmedia 2.0 or which you make available to us during data collection. This allows you to keep track of your IT infrastructure - even if you change providers.

FAQ-ID: 124

A screenshot can be very helpful, for example, if unclear messages and windows are to be "photographed" in order to transmit them to your IT service provider. But also countless other practical examples can be constructed (screenshot of a website, of contact data, of text sections, etc.).

Create a screenshot under Windows

Starting with the Windows version "Vista" the program "Snipping Tool" is on board, with which you can easily create passable screenshots. Since Windows version 10, recordings can also be made using a timer (time trigger).

  1. Start the program "Snipping Tool":
    START ⇒ Windows-Accessories ⇒ Snipping Tool
    Snipping Tool im Windows Startmenü
  2. The following display opens:
    Snipping Tool - Ansicht
  3. Use the "Mode" button to set the limit for taking your screenshot:
    Snipping Tool - Modusauswahl
  4. Click on the first button "New" to record the desired screen section and in the following window you can save the recording as a JPG, PNG, or GIF file on your computer as usual via "File ⇒ Save as..."
Create a screenshot under Mac OS

Mac users have it a little easier...

  1. To take a screenshot of the entire current screen, press the key combination Command + Shift + 3
    Mac Tastenkombi - Gesamter Bildschirm
  2. For a screenshot of a screen section, press the key combination Command + Shift + 4
    Mac Tastenkombi - Ausschnitt
  3. You can find the recorded file on your Mac's desktop.

For Mac users, there are other ways to use onboard tools to capture images of your screen and control the file-format as well as the location where the image will be stored.
Learn more about it here.

FAQ-ID: 107

This depends on the backup software used. Besides many programs from well-known manufacturers at different prices, there are also numerous free solutions, where each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Instructions can usually be found on the website of the respective software manufacturer as well as in relevant forums and blog posts » open Google search

The first question that arises: is your data backup complete, validated (checked) and "bootable"? Only in this way all data can be restored "as before" in the shortest possible time in the event of a total failure or a hardware change.
Another form of data and file backup is, for example, "synchronization". In this case, data at "storage location B" is compared with the data at "storage location A" and kept at the same / current status.

For various reasons, a mixture of these or other methods is often the optimum solution that guarantees absolute safety. If you have any problems or questions about the current backup method of your company data, please do not hesitate to contact us. On request, we can also advise you on data protection mechanisms, data backups according to the data backup concept of the BSI ("Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik" means Federal Office for security in information technology) as well as possibilities to recover your data after data loss.

FAQ-ID: 103

  1. Check whether your router is correctly connected and switched on
  2. Does the "Power" and "DSL / Online" LEDs on the router light up?
  3. Check the router's manual for the meaning of the LED flashing signals
  4. Check all LAN cable connections
  5. If necessary, check the WLAN connection (does the WLAN LED on the router light up?)
  6. Check the network status and settings in your computer's "Network and Internet settings" in the task bar

If the listed steps do not solve the connection problem, contact us and we will analyze and solve the problem on site.

FAQ-ID: 105

Unfortunately, this question cannot be answered across the board...
and depends of course strongly on the "source" of the message. Thus, error messages from the operating system or professional software usually contain an error code, which often provides information about the cause and can lead to correction. Information on this can usually be found on the manufacturer's website or in the manual for the respective software.

However, "undefinable" or foreign-language messages can also be an indication of a security gap or malware infestation. In such cases, security programs should check whether and where vulnerabilities or infections exist and eliminate them in the best case. The choice of the right security software and/or the further procedure depends again on the kind of the alleged threat.

If you can't find a solution via the known search engines or don't understand the "technical language" of some Internet forums, Webmedia 2.0 will be happy to help you. With our remote maintenance software "Webmedia 2.0 QuickSupport" we are able to get a quick and uncomplicated overview and analyze the cause of the (error)message.

FAQ-ID: 108

What starts with a small "stutter" or jerking can quickly lead to a total failure of the PC system. The correct procedure depends on the cause of such outages and failures. In any case, you should act quickly and back up all files to an external data drive. Until the problem is resolved, you should perform these backups so often that in the event of a total failure, no data or as less data as possible is lost.
Frequent sources of error and causes of problems:

  • Hardware conflicts
  • RAM errors
  • Overheating
  • Malware
  • Faulty peripherals
  • Defective system components

To resolve the cause of the problem, you can consult one of the relevant forums or - if you do not have the time or the symptoms cannot be resolved - contact us and we will analyze the problem quickly and conveniently thanks to our remote maintenance software "Webmedia 2.0 QuickSupport".

FAQ-ID: 109

Not every malware "harms" directly... For example, there is adware, which "provide" the affected user with more or less annoying advertising, but do not cause any direct damage to the system. However, such programs can create "gateways" for other and much more harmful software.

In the recent past, there has been an increasing number of infections in Germany with "ransomware" - so-called "blackmail Trojans". In most cases, you can only hope that your (company)data is available in self-sufficient and encrypted backups, since this aggressive form of malware also encrypts backup files that are permanently available - e.g. in the company network or on external hard drives.

Therefore a "clean system" should be the primary goal from day one, which can either be repaired or, if necessary, restored in the event of an infestation. We would be happy to advise you in more detail and introduce you to the various possibilities.

If your computer is already affected, disconnect it immediately from the Internet and/or Intranet, shut down your PC and then disconnect it from the power supply before contacting a professional. How promising a repair-procedure is, often depends on how quickly and how "correct" the reaction was.

FAQ-ID: 102

The manufacturer Microsoft© provides various "hotfixes" for the update function of its operating system Windows® with which you can solve the most common problems by yourself. The "MS Knowledge Base (KB)" also provides articles and individual updates with which problems with the Windows update can be solved under certain circumstances.

If the Windows update still fails or does not start automatically, please contact us and we will analyze the problem directly on your computer using our professional remote maintenance software "TeamViewer".

FAQ-ID: 104

If you do not know the reasons for not restarting the computer or do not have any technical know-how in this area, we recommend that you disconnect this device from the power supply as a precaution and contact a "professional".
Whether a system-repair or a data recovery is necessary or successful strongly depends on what is the cause of the problem or which steps have been taken in the meantime. Unfortunately, it often happens that we are not consulted until a few "self-experiments" have been already made, which can lead to - sometimes serious - complications in solving the problem. In worst case to a total loss of data if no validated backups have been created previously.

A computer in your company no longer starts?
» Contact us

FAQ-ID: 101

Initial discussions - no matter in which area (web, design or IT) - are basically free of charge and completely non-binding. At this first meeting it is not only important to us to learn something about your project or your idea, but also to experience you personally. After all, your website, your business card or your IT equipment always reflects your own personality a little and carries an image to the outside world that should be authentic.

For personal initial appointments or consultations, a prior agreement of an appointment is absolutely necessary. Please call us during our office hours or use our contact form around the clock.

FAQ-ID: 131

On our contact page you will find all contact details as well as our opening times and office hours. At these times you can usually reach us directly. If we are currently talking to a customer, the office is not occupied at short notice or you call us outside these times, you can leave us a message on our answering machine at any time. Your message will be sent to us immediately from our telephone system by e-mail, so that we can also react as quickly as possible on the road - even when we're abroad. This is of course also the case with e-mails or messages via the homepage contact form, which reach us directly and will be processed as soon as possible.

It is absolutely necessary to make an appointment in advance for personal meetings and consultation conversations. Depending on the type and size of the project, we schedule 1-2 hours for this. These "initial interviews" are generally free of charge.

FAQ-ID: 123

Everything from a single source is not just a phrase for us.
If you wish, we are your number one contact for "Web, Design or IT". Depending on your field of activity, we implement your tasks internally and/or act as 'project managers' and coordinate all work steps with any third-party providers. Thanks to our strong partner network, we can obtain tailor-made offers in the shortest time and often offer the best price/performance ratio. Nevertheless, you are of course completely free to request your own offers and compare them with those received from us. In any case, you remain absolutely independent and flexible.

Advantages that result from "one contact partner for everything":

  • Shorter "official channels" and shorter processing times
  • Tailor-made offers and best price/performance ratios
  • Centralized management and accountability
  • One contact for accounting questions
  • Cost-saving through professional creation and archiving of your data and files for later use in other areas
  • Full compatibility of the created files with other areas (e.g. your company logo for printing in a glossy magazine [print] as well as for the company homepage [web])
  • Only one way of working which you "has to" get used to... This point in particular plays a major role for many of our customers: "It is extremely pleasant to see how reliable and customer-oriented Webmedia 2.0 works. The consistently high level and customer proximity create confidence and the certainty that we will still have one / our contact person for everything in a few years". (Quote from customer opinions)

FAQ-ID: 95

The - from our point of view - most important qualifications
a) 32 years of experience in the area of "EDP & IT"
b) 25 years of experience in the areas of "Web & Design"

In all these years we have kept ourselves permanently up to date both through certified further training and autodidactically. This includes full-time training courses lasting several weeks at training centers such as alfatraining, tutorial and video training courses by Adobe DLS, video2brain and as well as uncounted hours in specialist forums or developer blogs.

In our opinion, regular training courses and further education provide a very good basis for being informed about innovations and to be 'brought up to date'. In practice, it is often the gained experience that leads to the goal in implementing or with solving problems. The technical know-how paired with "creative" transfer thinking makes it possible in almost all cases to turn what is desired into reality - if not directly, then via "workarounds".

Our reference projects show an excerpt of already implemented and supervised projects. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to learn from real customer opinions what clients value about Webmedia 2.0.

FAQ-ID: 98

Agreed deadlines will be met in principle. Foresighted planning and time calculation have always served their purpose, so we have never been behind schedule. In the case of "planned" absence (e.g. vacation), the tasks are planned in advance so that they can be completed on time. In addition, there is always a substitution during these times - as well as during unplanned absence (e.g. due to illness). Our customers receive the contact data with the newsletter that appears in each case.

FAQ-ID: 130

In principle, we do not offer support outside the core hours. However, in the past and in special cases with customers who made these requirements temporary or permanent, we have made separate"standby agreements", so that no wishes remained unfulfilled here either. The conditions depend strongly on these requirements and the expected volume.
If your company needs round-the-clock support or if you have any questions on this topic, talk to us and we will definitely find a solution.

FAQ-ID: 129

All our customers receive the exclusive newsletter at irregular intervals of a few weeks. There is no "registration" in the classical sense.
You are already a customer and no longer wish to receive information letters? Either write us a short message or simply reply to the upcoming newsletter and we will remove you from the recipient list.

FAQ-ID: 128

Basically YES.
However, we do not offer so-called "complete packages", as these do not meet individual requirements in nine out of ten cases... Usually the "standard wishes" (website, logo, business papers or basic IT structure) exist when founding a company, but the respective requirements can be so individual in themselves that it is difficult to estimate in advance what tasks will come up to us and what costs will be incurred by the interested party.

For this reason, we attach great importance to personal consultation - before a project or task begins. Since the initial interview with Webmedia 2.0 is totally free of charge and without obligation, you do not take any risk if you "try it with us"! ;-)

After we know your requirements, we prepare a non-binding offer with adapted conditions for start-ups and founders. Usually we put together an individual package containing all wishes and requirements. So you know exactly what you will receive for your money, the total costs right from the start and can calculate your budget optimally. On request and depending on the amount of the offer, we can also support you with installment agreements, which minimise initial charges.

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Of course.

This should at least be the commitment to social, cultural and ecological projects. Since our foundation we have realised or accompanied several projects for NPOs and associations. In our references you can get an impression on the basis of already implemented projects.

Your association or NPO needs a new website, vehicle graphics, banners, signs or other materials for representation? Send us a message in which you describe your project and the goal of your organization. After a detailed examination we will contact you to talk about the possibilities.

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Posts in the Webmedia-Blog:
The articles in our blog are displayed as  NEW  for 60 days and remain permanently in the archive. So if you don't find an article (anymore), look into the archive in the sidebar or use the powerful search function in the header of our homepage.
New blog posts appear in our blog at irregular intervals and relate primarily to the concerns and interests of our customers. But also "normal" visitors of our website find the news offered here quite interesting, which is shown by various thank-you letters.

Reference projects:
Published references are marked as  NEW  for 90 days and are only an excerpt. The reference projects do not claim to be complete.
We also deliberately list customer projects that arose in the founding years of Webmedia 2.0. On the one hand, this shows the technical as well as our 'personal' development in the respective area. And on the other hand, we like to check this section from time to time to review our starting times.

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