Short & sweet

Thanks to the latest programming and filtering methods, almost anything can be animated nowadays. Think, for example, of developments in the field of animated film or science. There are countless areas of application for this technology in the marketing sector. From moving logos, advertising banners or ad clips to small "features" on your own homepage to draw attention to the right and important places.


Animating with animations

A correctly placed animation can abruptly increase the number of visitors to your online shop. In a presentation video, it can provide a vivid explanation of topics that would otherwise have to be described in many words. Or draw attention to your company logo or trademark and thus lead to a higher recognition value.
How, where and to what extent such "eye-catchers" are used basically depends on the location and desired effect. Sometimes less is more and so the discreet but aesthetically animated photo slideshow on a photographer's website can already provide unmistakable impressions to the viewer.

On highest levels

When creating animations, we use the latest Apple® hardware and professional software, for example from Adobe®. In the web area we use various technologies and frameworks, such as "JavaScript", "HTML5" or "jQuery".
We discuss the desired animation processes with you in advance and reproduce them in a scribble and/or a script, depending on the size of the project. Many customers felt "a little bit like in Hollywood" when they watched the premiere of the animated advertising film.

No empty promises

Many make promises... Find out through real customer opinions that Webmedia 2.0 - the advertising agency from Karlsruhe is one of those providers who also hold them.

Feel free to ask

If we have aroused your interest or you have already thought about having animations created for your website or other purposes, please feel free to contact us. We would be pleased to provide you with our wealth of experience and full commitment without obligation.