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To make your website available 24/7, you need a reliable partner for web hosting. Such a web hosting package not only contains the web space (your "hard drive" in the Internet) for your website, but also many other services and functions such as domains, databases, e-mail accounts, FTP access and subdomains are provided and managed.


You and your website are always accessible

To ensure that the data you want to publish on the Internet is always available there, it is stored on the servers of web hosting providers. A visitor can then retrieve this information from this server by entering your "domain".
But not only the data on your public website needs such storage space, but also, for example, the e-mail accounts that you want to set up for yourself and/or your employees. In order for messages to be delivered to you around the clock and collected, it is necessary to operate this "central control in the Internet". It is also responsible for synchronizing multiple devices (PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet) and for the correct distribution and handling of data.

What really matters

The selection of the appropriate "hosting provider" depends strongly on the respective requirements of the "hosting package"... Which (technical) requirements must be met, which expansion options are available? From all-inclusive "standard" offers to highly complex individual solutions, everything is conceivable.
When selecting the appropriate web hosting provider and package, Webmedia 2.0 also pays particular attention to high "availability" and appropriate data security (protection against data theft, certified backup solutions, etc.).

What does webhosting cost?

As the previous section makes clear, this question cannot be answered across the board. Nevertheless, the following can be said: there are already hosting solutions starting from 1$ per month, which can certainly meet the current requirements (e.g. "parking" a domain).
The monthly fee for a "standard hosting package" (COM domain, web space, email account, database and FTP server), which is sufficient in most cases, is 5-15$ per month on average.
For more complex and sophisticated solutions (e.g. "Managed or V-Server"), monthly "rent" can be between 30 and 180$. Such packages often require the expertise of a server administrator, which is either included in the offer or must be assigned internally / externally.

No empty promises

Many make promises... Find out through real customer opinions that Webmedia 2.0 - the advertising agency from Karlsruhe is one of those providers who also hold them.

Feel free to ask

If we have aroused your interest or if you have already thought about finding a new hosting provider or changing your existing one, please feel free to contact us. We would be pleased to provide you with our wealth of experience and full commitment without obligation.