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Fraud and phishing mails are rampant
Fake job applications, invoices and confirmation requests

Vorwort In den vergangenen Wochen erhielten etliche Kunden sowie auch wir selbst diverse Mails mit betrügerischen und/oder infizierten Inhalten bzw. Anhängen. In den meisten Fällen waren dies Word-Dokumente, die an vermeintliche Bewerbungen oder Zahlungsaufforderungen angehängt waren. Der Text in der E-Mail selbst klingt teilweise sehr vertraulich und die deutsche Rechtschre...
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Webmedia 2.0|2018-12-20|Published in IT

Security gap discovered in billions of processors
Spectre and Meltdown cancel out safety mechanisms

Speculative execution becomes a problem... Probably the most serious vulnerability since processors for computers were created has been discovered. Entire generations of computer chips are vulnerable to data theft attacks. This affects both the giant of the industry "Intel" and smaller manufacturers such as "Arm" (manufacturer of smartphone processors). The chip de...
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Webmedia 2.0|2018-01-02|Published in IT

Germany, the main target of increasing spam mails worldwide
Every 7th dangerous spam mail went to German users

How acute is the danger? According to a recent Kaspersky-Labs study, spam levels in email traffic were 58.31% last year, an increase of 3.03 percent compared to the year before. According to the study, most dangerous or harmful spam mails went to Germany. With 14.3%, this is about every seventh e-mail worldwide. The most common malicious attachments sent were Trojans that loaded ransomware onto...
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Webmedia 2.0|2017-10-30|Published in IT