Innovation meets usability

In the edition no. 3/2017 of "craft. - The magazine of the Kreishandwerkerschaft Region Karlsruhe" presents the online offers Rechenfuxx and Handwerker-Webinare of MCP + Mein Coach und Partner. In an interview with Mr. Habich, handicraft entrepreneurs learn more about the background to these unique product ideas. Below you will find the complete interview as a one-page PDF.

Logo of Rechenfuxx   Logo of Handwerker-Webinare   

Webmedia 2.0 co-authored the source code for the app "Rechenfuxx" and was significantly responsible for the development and structuring of the frontend. The responsive layout of the corresponding landing page also comes from our company. The online platform "Handwerker-Webinare" is a complete in-house development for MCP and has been constantly updated since its publication.

» craft.-Interview with MCP as PDF

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