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The "MedienStandard Druck - Technical Guidelines for Data, Proof and Production Run Printing" is the basis for smooth technical cooperation between customers, prepress service providers and printing companies. With it, the German Printing and Media Industries Federation makes an important contribution to increasing the competitiveness and attractiveness of print as a medium in all printing processes.

Now the bvdm has revised the standard work, available free of charge in German and English, extended it by important innovations and published it in the updated version 2018. It replaces the version from March 1st, 2016.

All new ICC profiles - specifically the working and exchange colour space "eci-CMYK" (Fogra53), the heatset profile "PSO SC-B Paper v3" (standard printing condition 6-B, Fogra54) and the new "ProcessStandard Rotogravure" set for commercial gravure printing - are based for the first time consistently on the M1 measuring mode, which takes into account the optical brighteners in the paper.

In addition, the recently published and revised standards ISO 20654 (SCTV) and ISO 17972 (CxF/X-4) and the new test equipment, the Fogra MultiColor Media Wedge, are explained in text, tables and glossary in the area of communication and printing of spot colors. Users can thus conveniently create and control printing characteristics on the basis of spectral and CIELAB color data, making it possible to extend the color space in printing with any special color separations.


The new MediaStandard Print 2018 has been published in both language versions with an extended glossary as well as extensive and updated bibliographical references and Internet sources. It is available for download as a PDF file.

bvdm publishes MediaStandard Print 2018
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