Reference to project MySpace Banner <small>Flash programming</small>

100% completed

Category: Animation

Client: Webmedia2000

Year: 2010

Tags: Animation, References

   Open animation

Project description

Yeah, it is loooong ago... Long before screens could display 4K, HTML5 was the standard on the web and in the same year in which the Federal Association of Consumer Organisations in Germany advised against using "Facebook" (source: Wikipedia). There was this platform, which still exists today... Although fundamentally different from 2010.

We are talking about MySpace - the "social platform" of that time. For this purpose we designed this animated banner and developed it in the programming language "Flash". Over the years, this technology has increasingly been replaced by HTML5 and JavaScript as the standard for animations in the web and is no longer supported by modern browsers due to various security risks.

In order to show "what was already possible back then", we created a short video showing the flash animation lasting about 10 seconds.