Reference to project Hamer facility service

Category: IT service

Client: Hamer Karlsruhe e.K. & Hamer Rhein-Neckar GmbH

Year: 2014-today

Tags: EDP & IT services, References

Project description

From the restructuring of the entire network infrastructure at Hamer Gebäudeservice to the acquisition of various new workstation and server PCs, the introduction of solid backup schemes and security concepts to "everyday PC issues" and the handling of certain software products, Webmedia has been providing support and advice since a long time. Thanks to sophisticated notification and reporting functions, we monitor the EDP virtually around the clock and can intervene at any time with our professional remote maintenance software "TeamViewer". This approach is appealing because it saves time (and thus money) and problems can be tackled and solved at short notice without the management or an employee having to be on site.