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Fraud and phishing mails are rampant
Fake job applications, invoices and confirmation requests

Vorwort In den vergangenen Wochen erhielten etliche Kunden sowie auch wir selbst diverse Mails mit betrügerischen und/oder infizierten Inhalten bzw. Anhängen. In den meisten Fällen waren dies Word-Dokumente, die an vermeintliche Bewerbungen oder Zahlungsaufforderungen angehängt waren. Der Text in der E-Mail selbst klingt teilweise sehr vertraulich und die deutsche Rechtschre...
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Webmedia 2.0|2018-12-20|Published in IT

Webmedia 2.0 grows
Takeover perfect

Webmedia expands IT-Service Since the negotiations were successfully concluded a few weeks ago, preparations have been in full swing. Today is the official day: Webmedia 2.0 takes over the entire area of software and hardware support from the Emediagroup GmbH and further strengthens the "EDP and IT" pillar. This major step will not only strengthen our position, but the expansion of o...
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Webmedia 2.0|2018-11-01|Published in General

The GDPR - What changes for you?

The hype around the GDPR... ...continues shortly after its entry into force. And not without reason. After all, as a company - whether sole proprietors, limited liability companies or public limited companies - these should not be taken lightly. However, in some places there is also some uncertainty about the new basic data protection regulation. As so often, rumours and unawareness fuel these ...
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Webmedia 2.0|2018-05-27|Published in General

bvdm publishes MediaStandard Print 2018
Technical guidelines for data, proof and production run printing

Guarantee printing on highest levels The "MedienStandard Druck - Technical Guidelines for Data, Proof and Production Run Printing" is the basis for smooth technical cooperation between customers, prepress service providers and printing companies. With it, the German Printing and Media Industries Federation makes an important contribution to increasing the competitiveness and attractiv...
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Webmedia 2.0|2018-03-07|Published in Design

Is your site already Responsive?
Responsive web design is not only prettier, but also important for SEO!

The Internet is no longer just for computer or laptop owners Display media such as smartphones, tablets and even televisions have long been on the advance. Thanks to increasing Internet speeds, the use of the mobile Internet is also becoming increasingly attractive. It is not unusual for a tablet or ultrabook to be used to place an order from the couch or to call up the website address just see...
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Webmedia 2.0|2018-02-15|Published in Web

Security gap discovered in billions of processors
Spectre and Meltdown cancel out safety mechanisms

Speculative execution becomes a problem... Probably the most serious vulnerability since processors for computers were created has been discovered. Entire generations of computer chips are vulnerable to data theft attacks. This affects both the giant of the industry "Intel" and smaller manufacturers such as "Arm" (manufacturer of smartphone processors). The chip de...
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Webmedia 2.0|2018-01-02|Published in IT

What does Google know about you or your company?
Review and delete data stored data on Google

More up to date than ever Even after years of the introduction and explosive expansion of the Internet giant "Google" and its services, the business model "exchange convenience for privacy" continues to work wonderfully. You are really "tempted" to click quickly through the Google dialog boxes without having a closer look at the available options... In short: Googl...
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Webmedia 2.0|2017-12-11|Published in General

Webmedia developments in the press
Rechenfuxx and Handwerker-Webinare in the craft 3/2017

Innovation meets usability In the edition no. 3/2017 of "craft. - The magazine of the Kreishandwerkerschaft Region Karlsruhe" presents the online offers Rechenfuxx and Handwerker-Webinare of MCP + Mein Coach und Partner. In an interview with Mr. Habich, handicraft entrepreneurs learn more about the background to these unique product ideas. Below you will find the complete in...
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Webmedia 2.0|2017-11-24|Published in General

Germany, the main target of increasing spam mails worldwide
Every 7th dangerous spam mail went to German users

How acute is the danger? According to a recent Kaspersky-Labs study, spam levels in email traffic were 58.31% last year, an increase of 3.03 percent compared to the year before. According to the study, most dangerous or harmful spam mails went to Germany. With 14.3%, this is about every seventh e-mail worldwide. The most common malicious attachments sent were Trojans that loaded ransomware onto...
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Webmedia 2.0|2017-10-30|Published in IT