Webmedia expands IT-Service
Since the negotiations were successfully concluded a few weeks ago, preparations have been in full swing. Today is the official day: Webmedia 2.0 takes over the entire area of software and hardware support from the Emediagroup GmbH and further strengthens the "EDP and IT" pillar.

This major step will not only strengthen our position, but the expansion of our customer base will also ensure that Webmedia 2.0 will remain a reliable partner for its existing and new customers for a long time to come. This security plays a particularly important role for those customers who have already gained experience with "suddenly no longer existing" providers... Rely on us: we won't leave you.

Briefly tidied up...
...with the rumour that Webmedia focuses on the areas of web and design, because these two terms are mentioned first in the slogan "Web, Design and IT".
In any case, all three areas are to be seen equally. The fact that the word "web" is also used in company names has "historical reasons", as you can read here...

True to our motto "Everything from a single source", you will receive professional advice, conception and implementation from us, both in the wide-ranging area of marketing and in questions relating to your IT. Get a picture of our fields of activity or read real customer opinions about Webmedia 2.0.

Webmedia 2.0 grows
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